Super Meets Info


Step by Step instructions for SuperMeets

Step 1:    Click on:

This will bring you to a Bluefish “Events” page

Step 2: 1st Time Users: click on “Register” in the upper right corner next to “Family Login” button.

Step 3:Select Program: “Swim Team”

Step 4: Add Swimmer’s Information

Step 5: Please complete registration wizard to enter your participant, family and emergency contact information.

Signing Up for a Work Requirement:Click on “name of meet”.  You will now see a list of all available positions.  Clicking on a position will show important information about its responsibilities and required arrival time. 

Step 8:  Find a job you wish to sign up for and click on its corresponding “sign up” link.

If you have been previously held a position that requires some training (Scorer, Colorado Operator, Clerk of Course, Head Timer, etc.), please scroll through the jobs list to see if you name has been “pre-populated” in a specific position.  Assuming you accept the position chosen for you, skip Step 9 and continue to Step 10.  If you would prefer a different position, and choose to remove yourself from that job, click “update” and follow the prompts.  Please notify Sue Weiner ( if you change your pre-populated position.

Step 9: You will see a confirmation of what you have signed up for.  Enter your full name in the box provided, and then click on “sign up”.  You will now be taken back to the sign-up sheets where you will see your name next to the job you chose. 

Step 10:  When you have chosen your jobs (work requirement is 3 sessions/family), click on “Events” at the top of the page and then click on “Concessions for name of meet”


Step 11:Sign up for your concession donation by selecting the item you’d like to donate, following steps 8 and 9.  Log out.